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LifeVantage Countries by Continent


  Algeria  (Not Open)
  Angola  (Not Open)
  Benin  (Not Open)
  Botswana  (Not Open)
  Burkina Faso  (Not Open)
  Burundi  (Not Open)
  Cameroon  (Not Open)
  Cape Verde  (Not Open)
  Central African Republic  (Not Open)
  Chad  (Not Open)
  Comoros  (Not Open)
  Congo  (Not Open)
  Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The  (Not Open)
  Djibouti  (Not Open)
  Egypt  (Not Open)
  Equatorial Guinea  (Not Open)
  Eritrea  (Not Open)
  Ethiopia  (Not Open)
  Gabon  (Not Open)
  Gambia  (Not Open)
  Ghana  (Not Open)
  Guinea  (Not Open)
  Guinea-Bissau  (Not Open)
  Kenya  (Not Open)
  Lesotho  (Not Open)
  Liberia  (Not Open)
  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  (Not Qualified)
  Madagascar  (Not Open)
  Malawi  (Not Open)
  Mali  (Not Open)
  Mauritania  (Not Open)
  Mauritius  (Not Open)
  Mayotte  (Not Open)
  Morocco  (Not Open)
  Mozambique  (Not Open)
  Namibia  (Not Open)
  Niger  (Not Open)
  Nigeria  (Not Open)
  Rwanda  (Not Open)
  Sao Tome And Principe  (Not Open)
  Senegal  (Not Open)
  Seychelles  (Not Open)
  Sierra Leone  (Not Open)
  Somalia  (Not Qualified)
  South Africa  (Not Open)
  St. Helena  (Not Open)
  Sudan  (Not Qualified)
  Swaziland  (Not Open)
  Tanzania, United Republic Of  (Not Open)
  Togo  (Not Open)
  Tunisia  (Not Open)
  Uganda  (Not Open)
  Western Sahara  (Not Open)
  Zambia  (Not Open)
  Zimbabwe  (Not Open)


  Antarctica  (Not Open)


  Afghanistan  (Not Open)
  Armenia  (Not Open)
  Azerbaijan  (Not Open)
  Bahrain  (Not Open)
  Bangladesh  (Not Open)
  Bhutan  (Not Open)
  British Indian Ocean Territory  (Not Open)
  Brunei Darussalam  (Not Open)
  Cambodia  (Not Open)
  China  (Not Open)
  Christmas Island  (Not Open)
  Cocos (Keeling) Islands  (Not Open)
  East Timor  (Not Open)
  Georgia  (Not Open)
  Hong Kong  (Open)
  India  (Not Open)
  Indonesia  (Not Open)
  Iran (Islamic Republic Of)  (Not Qualified)
  Iraq  (Not Open)
  Israel  (Not Open)
  Japan  (Open)
  Jordan  (Not Open)
  Kazakhstan  (Not Open)
  Korea, Republic Of  (Not Open)
  Kuwait  (Not Open)
  Kyrgyzstan  (Not Open)
  Lebanon  (Not Qualified)
  Macau  (Not Open)
  Malaysia  (Not Open)
  Maldives  (Not Open)
  Mongolia  (Not Open)
  Myanmar  (Not Open)
  Nepal  (Not Open)
  North Korea  (Not Qualified)
  Oman  (Not Open)
  Pakistan  (Not Open)
  Philippines  (Not Open)
  Qatar  (Not Open)
  Saudi Arabia  (Not Open)
  Singapore  (Not Open)
  Sri Lanka  (Not Open)
  Syrian Arab Republic  (Not Qualified)
  Taiwan  (Not Open)
  Tajikistan  (Not Open)
  Thailand  (Open)
  Turkey  (Not Open)
  Turkmenistan  (Not Open)
  United Arab Emirates  (Not Open)
  Uzbekistan  (Not Open)
  Viet Nam  (Not Open)
  Yemen  (Not Open)


  Albania  (Not Open)
  Andorra  (Not Open)
  Austria  (Not Open)
  Belarus  (Not Open)
  Belgium  (Not Open)
  Bosnia And Herzegowina  (Not Open)
  Bulgaria  (Not Open)
  Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)  (Not Open)
  Cyprus  (Not Open)
  Czech Republic  (Not Open)
  Denmark  (Not Open)
  Estonia  (Not Open)
  Faroe Islands  (Not Open)
  Finland  (Not Open)
  France  (Not Open)
  Germany  (Not Open)
  Gibraltar  (Not Open)
  Greece  (Not Open)
  Hungary  (Not Open)
  Iceland  (Not Open)
  Ireland  (Not Open)
  Italy  (Not Open)
  Latvia  (Not Open)
  Liechtenstein  (Not Open)
  Lithuania  (Not Open)
  Luxembourg  (Not Open)
  Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic Of  (Not Open)
  Malta  (Not Open)
  Moldova, Republic Of  (Not Open)
  Monaco  (Not Open)
  Montenegro  (Not Open)
  Netherlands  (Open)
  Netherlands Antilles  (Not Open)
  Norway  (Not Open)
  Poland  (Not Open)
  Portugal  (Not Open)
  Romania  (Not Open)
  Russian Federation  (Not Open)
  San Marino  (Not Open)
  Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  (Not Open)
  Slovenia  (Not Open)
  Spain  (Not Open)
  Sweden  (Not Open)
  Switzerland  (Not Open)
  Ukraine  (Not Open)
  United Kingdom  (Open)
  Vatican City, State of the  (Not Open)

North America

  Anguilla  (Not Open)
  Antigua And Barbuda  (Not Open)
  Aruba  (Not Open)
  Bahamas  (Not Open)
  Barbados  (Not Open)
  Belize  (Not Open)
  Bermuda  (Not Open)
  Canada  (Open)
  Cayman Islands  (Not Open)
  Costa Rica  (Not Open)
  Cuba  (Not Qualified)
  Dominica  (Not Open)
  Dominican Republic  (Not Open)
  El Salvador  (Not Open)
  Greenland  (Not Open)
  Grenada  (Not Open)
  Guatemala  (Not Open)
  Haiti  (Not Open)
  Honduras  (Not Open)
  Jamaica  (Not Open)
  Martinique  (Not Open)
  Mexico  (Open)
  Montserrat  (Not Open)
  Nicaragua  (Not Open)
  Panama  (Not Open)
  Puerto Rico  (Not Open)
  Saint Kitts And Nevis  (Not Open)
  Saint Lucia  (Not Open)
  Saint Vincent And The Grenadines  (Not Open)
  Trinidad And Tobago  (Not Open)
  Turks And Caicos Islands  (Not Open)
  United States  (Open)
  Virgin Islands (British)  (Not Open)
  Virgin Islands (U.S.)  (Not Open)


  American Samoa  (Not Open)
  Australia  (Open)
  Cook Islands  (Not Open)
  Fiji  (Not Open)
  French Polynesia  (Not Open)
  French Southern Territories  (Not Open)
  Guam  (Not Open)
  Kiribati  (Not Open)
  Marshall Islands, Republic of the  (Not Open)
  Micronesia, Federated States Of  (Not Open)
  Nauru  (Not Open)
  New Caledonia  (Not Open)
  New Zealand  (Not Open)
  Niue  (Not Open)
  Norfolk Island  (Not Open)
  Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of the  (Not Open)
  Palau, Republic of  (Not Open)
  Papua New Guinea  (Not Open)
  Pitcairn  (Not Open)
  Samoa  (Not Open)
  Solomon Islands  (Not Open)
  Tokelau  (Not Open)
  Tonga  (Not Open)
  Tuvalu  (Not Open)
  Vanuatu  (Not Open)
  Wallis And Futuna Islands  (Not Open)

South America

  Argentina  (Not Open)
  Bolivia  (Not Open)
  Brazil  (Not Open)
  Chile  (Not Open)
  Colombia  (Not Open)
  Ecuador  (Not Open)
  Falkland Islands (Malvinas)  (Not Open)
  Guyana  (Not Open)
  Paraguay  (Not Open)
  Peru  (Not Open)
  South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands  (Not Open)
  Suriname  (Not Open)
  Uruguay  (Not Open)
  Venezuela  (Not Open)